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Global climate change in the history of the Earth

Climate change during the various geological epochs of the Earth’s long history has been an integral part of the planet’s dynamics and its position in the solar system. Global geological phenomena, fluctuations and long-term changes in paleoclimates have left clear traces in the geological record. The book is an attempt to synthesize the latest research data on global geosystem changes and climate fluctuations in Earth’s history. The focus is on those changes in the geological past of the planets that are most closely related to climate fluctuations, their relationships and patterns over time as a basis for assessing the current state of the Earth’s climate, as well as possible future changes and their consequences for humanity. In this sense, the book could be seen as part of the efforts of the international project PAGES (Past Global Changes), the main goal of which is a better understanding of global changes in the past in view of forecasts for the future.

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