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Global challenges for humanity

This little book contains two lectures, the topics of which at first glance are not directly related, but this impression seems deceptive, as we live on an ever-changing planet with intense internal dynamics, active atmosphere and biosphere. All significant changes in the earth’s dynamics affect the living organisms to varying degrees – the wonderful world of animals and plants. Both topics concern vital issues for the future of mankind. They are very complex in nature and global in scale. On the one hand, the complex structure and active dynamics of the Earth are a challenge for man. On the other hand, the acceleration of evolution is a global reality that no one can face. The evolution of the inorganic nature, of the organismic world and of society are successive and often connected stages of the general evolution of the world around us. Many of the accelerating trends in the evolution of the living world and society are becoming dangerous for the planet and for humanity because their nature is not understood. Many ask, “What kind of world are we going to? For now, the new world order that is taking shape is one that no one wants. These are new, great challenges for humanity that require a broad and balanced education, wisdom in management and care for the environment and the balance of natural ecosystems.

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The second edition of “Global Challenges to Humanity” includes a third lecture, which examines the current state of the planet in the light of the geological history of the Earth and identifies the main threats that weigh on modern humanity. Because knowledge of the long, complex and dynamic history of our planet, as well as the evolution of organisms on it allows us to outline common patterns that are very important for building solid knowledge about our space home and for assessing the current state of the biosphere.
The three academic lectures are independent thematic units, but are related to one object – the Earth, considered in three sections: structure and dynamics, basic laws of biological evolution with emphasis on the acceleration of the evolutionary process and the current state of the planet, problems with its resources, climate change the future of humanity with the dilemma: with a ship to other planets or more care for their own space home and the biosphere – this amazing creation of biological evolution.

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